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How to Order

How to Order

To all customers! The first order please send a tax identification number

but the general persons please send ID card number and address from ID card.


How to Order

1. To order products from the website please note the code and name for ease and fast to order. Ordering 5,000 Baht / Time, the company will provide free shipping in Bangkok and perimeter area, but the provincial areas customers need to pay the shipping cost.

2. Please call us or send the order lists and map by fax number 02-8062797 to our company (only customers in Bangkok). For customers in provincial areas please inform the transporter's name that you easy to get products (if any). If not, we will ship products by notify you before.

3. When we get an order list already, we will inform you by price list, shipping cost and account number with appointment date and time of delivery.

4. When you receive an order confirm from us please transfer money to the company account and keep recorded slip as well.

5. Please send us the transfer document by fax number 02-8062797.

6. The company will ship products as we have agreed.

7. If you don't receive the services under the agreement or see some mistakes please call Khun Wassamon at 086-9818565.


How to Purchase Properly

Products with Tax and Shipping Cost (Some Areas)

1.  Ordering via our website by click on menu "Contact Us" and fill in the product details required for facile delivery.

2.  Please call us or send e-mail / Fax when you receive an order. And we will contact you within 24 hours.

3.  Order via webboard

4.  Please provide clear information such as phone number or email to prevent mistakes, and the company is not responsible.

5.  Please check the product and ask clear information, because the company is not responsible or product change.

6.  In transfer case, please fax or send us a pay-in slip for convenience and speed of delivery.

7.  Ordering, please send a purchase order and address on tax invoice clearly.



  • Delivery by post (registered mail) only available in Thailand, exclude shipping cost.
  • Customers in Bangkok to get the products within 2-3 days.
  • Customers in provincial areas to get the products within 5-7 days.